how do I get dye stains ouf of a dryer?

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Ack! I washed & dried ***commercially dyed*** fabric I purchased at JoAnn's.. and it stained the enamel parts of the dryer pink! The dryer belongs to my landlord/housemate & the dryer's nearly new. I tried softscrub & it didn't work.. I need to find something that will remove the stain, but not damage the dryer.

I'm going to call the dryer manufacturer tomorrow.. err.. later today to see what they recommend... and also take pics of the damage & take it to show the manager at JoAnns & try to return the fabric.

This so sucks.. it's a really nice, and expensive dryer.. I'd feel bad enough if it were mine.. but the fact that it's someone else's makes me feel even worse...

miyo.. are you out there?
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    Re: how do I get dye stains ouf of a dryer?

    Sun, December 14, 2008 - 4:51 AM
    Sorry I don't know the name it goes by. It is a white plastic foam that is German? It is sold in squares and I cut it into size slices. I use it to scrub grime off plastic, light switch covers, art paper, shoes, plastics in general etc.. I usually soak the foam in water and squeeze it dry.

    It should remove the dye off the surface of the enamel with no damage to the enamel or to the washing machine. It is worth a try.

    High quality enamel should not absorb fabric dye. Hope Hope!
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      Re: how do I get dye stains ouf of a dryer?

      Sun, December 14, 2008 - 11:35 AM
      oh! I think it's called Magic Eraser!!! I didn't even think of this..

      This is a very expensive dryer.. so anything that will clean it without damaging it, & not requiring me to replace it would be awesome!!

      Thanks, Bewith.. I'll try this today & let you know how it goes!

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